More and more people are choosing to wear mechanical watches, which is a good example of recognizing the positive meaning that watches give. However, many people are confused by the huge difference in watch prices.TUDOR Black Bay M7941A1A0RU-0003 This confusion stems from viewing watches as mere time-watchers. The only way to gain a deeper understanding of watches is to delve into the pros and cons of mechanical watches. So, do you understand the advantages and disadvantages of mechanical watches?

First of all, mechanical watches are decorative. Mechanical watches have unique shapes and a wide range of collections that can be matched with clothes, which is incomparable to smart watches.TUDOR Ranger M79950-0001 Whether for formal occasions or leisure time, mechanical watches can be perfectly matched with clothes. For example, you can wear a formal watch on formal occasions, while you can choose a sporty and casual style on weekends and a diving watch when swimming in summer.

Secondly, mechanical watches are ornamental. High-end complications such as tourbillons, minute repeaters, perpetual calendars, etc. are not only to increase the functions of mechanical watches, but mainly to enhance their ornamental properties. These types of watches are usually collected on the shelves of the offices of the bigwigs in beautiful boxes. In their spare time, they would carefully polish their watches and admire the mechanical beauty of the finely polished parts. Quietly observing the passage of time.

In addition, mechanical watches have the significance of status symbols. A man who wears a watch is considered to be of good taste, and a watch is a symbol of a man's identity and strength. Generally speaking, watches above 30,000 dollars are considered to be the starting point with luxury attributes. Luxury watches usually start at 60-80 thousand dollars. This identity is mainly due to the wide brand recognition and high price of the watch worn. It also indirectly reflects a person's economic level. If someone thinks that a mechanical watch is an IQ tax, it only shows that they completely fail to understand that the sense of dignity that enables others to tell at a glance that the watch they are wearing is expensive is the ultimate experience solution for all luxury goods.

However, while there are few advantages to mechanical watches, there are quite a few disadvantages. If you have stringent requirements for the accuracy of your watch, then a mechanical watch is not for you. The selling price of a mechanical watch does not necessarily correlate with its timekeeping accuracy. No matter how expensive a mechanical watch is, there is bound to be an error, because the power of a mechanical watch all comes from the transmission of the movement parts, and an error of 45 seconds or less per day is a good product. Due to the numerous and fragile parts of the movement, mechanical watches are prone to malfunction and damage. The maintenance cost is determined by the price of the watch, and the more expensive the watch, the higher the cost. And the maintenance cycle is usually very long.

In addition, mechanical watches are fast depreciating goods. The recycling price of the vast majority of brands is only 3-5% off after one year of wearing, and the value retention rate is very low as in the case of wearable luxury goods such as diamond jewelry. If you blindly believe that watches can retain their value, then you are doomed to disappointment.

To summarize, mechanical watches are actually a luxury item. Therefore, there is some truth in the fact that some would say that mechanical watches below 30,000 dollars are better off not being worn. The more affordable mechanical watches are purely for timekeeping, and if it's just for timekeeping, a cell phone or an electronic or quartz watch is a good alternative. And mechanical watches are expensive because their biggest role is to show off. So what exactly do you wear a mechanical watch for?

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