Can you identify the quality of mechanical watches?

Mechanical watches and quartz watches in the end which is good topic is not small such losers deserve to go up and mix, but according to small observation, mechanical watch camp fans seem to be more than quartz watches so we a little bit. It is said that a man can have a natural love for China's mechanical enterprises, but with today's world of women seem to begin to love complicated wristwatches. You wear a quartz watch, love a mechanical watch does not matter ah, who cares whether you exist words and deeds to carry out consistent? Since the students fell in love with learning mechanical watches, then our country on the quality of engineering mechanical watch related theoretical knowledge you understand to how much? Once again get popularized legal common sense ground to go up ......

1, sensitivity

The sensitivity of the mechanical table refers to the flexibility of the oscillating wheel to swing automatically, and check whether it swings automatically. Winding method is: the relaxation of the stop watch gently held in the hand, slowly winding, while looking at the second hand,TUDOR Royal M28500-0006 the second hand should be in the beginning of winding the next rotation, otherwise it does not meet the standard.

2、Starting performance

Mechanical watches slowly turn the winding handle to wind up, carefully observe the second hand. If the second hand starts winding less often, the starting performance of the mechanical watch will be better.

3、Winding sound

The general mechanical watch should be placed on the easy lever. Turn the head first feel the head is getting loose, slowly it will get tighter and tighter, turn the head can not continue to rotate, proved the winding has been full, the last body is working normally. If in the rod head when rotating the handle, the occurrence of "cha-ching noise", or the occurrence of the top teeth slippage and other phenomena, indicating that the rod mechanism has a fault.

Detection method: after winding a few rounds, up and down the face,TUDOR Black Bay Chrono M79360N-0002 handle head up and down the left and right, listen to the frequency of each position of the beat. Around the foot after the sound should be clear and no noise.

4, dial needle

Mechanical watch in the dial needle when we should be more flexible, reliable, pointer for turning a uniform. When checking should be checked through several times through the sub-wheel, the center wheel shaft friction with the tightness. When dialing the needle, if the enterprise does not manage to loose, tight feeling, proving that the split wheel friction is normal and refueling can be the right amount, on the contrary, dialing the needle parts have a fault. Here the development needs to constantly remind themselves everyone, the feeling of dialing the needle should not be loose or tight, but when dialing backwards,TUDOR Royal M28503-0008 the second hand stops walking or inverted thinking is a normal social phenomenon.

Considering that all watches are "statically adjusted" during assembly and testing, and in real life, wearing a watch on the arm will produce dynamic errors due to swinging, resulting in slower walking time, a few seconds for "static adjustment" is possible!

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