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Recently, some friends told Bianshao that when they were editing documents with wps Word, they set their favorite pictures as the background of the document. However, when converting the document to PDF, they found that the background of the pictures in the exported PDF became tiled style. This effect is not what we need, just that we do not know how to solve this pdf conversion free In fact, when we set the picture background, it is through the header function to set the background of the picture, in the header of the window to insert the picture we need, and then set the size of the picture, so that when you re-convert the PDF document exported, the picture will not become a number of tiles. Below for Bianshao explain how to use WPS Word to convert the picture background into a number of tiles of specific solutions. There is a need to see the tutorial.

Method Steps

1. When you set the image directly as the background of the document, the background image of the converted PDF document will become a number of tiled thumbnails, as shown in the figure.

2. To solve this problem, we need to remove the page background, click the [Page Layout] button above, and then click the toolbar [Background], and then click the drop-down button in the [Remove Page Background] option.

3. Then is that we can then use the left mouse button directly on the document management page of the upper data to double-click, this time it will be in the enterprise documents on the page does not show the header of the editing box,convert scanned pdf to word text rtf online we will be the mouse cursor brand positioning to the header of the editing box.

Four. Then click on the Insert option at the top, find the Picture option in the toolbar, and then click on the Local Picture option in the drop-down options, it will go to the Local Computer folder page.

5. We need to find the image we need to insert in the open folder page, and then click the [Open] button in the lower right corner to add our background image.

6. After importing the image, we choose to click the first icon on the right side of the PDF document
, and then click the next button in the pop-up window.

7. After that, we come to set the display size of the image, directly with the left mouse button to pull the image border to adjust. You need to spread the picture all over the document page, as shown.

8. Then we can then edit the document data for the system conversion, click the upper right corner of the [File] this issue options, will open the drop-down options in the [Output to PDF] this option to manage the content to click on,convert word to pdf without losing formatting enter the document conversion page to analyze the conversion.

9. When the conversion is successful and open the PDF document, our background image will not be spliced into multiple smaller images, as shown in the figure.

The above will tell how to use WPS word documents into PDF documents, and then the background image will be tiled into a number of small images. Sometimes we need to set the background in the document, set the background of the document to the image we like to display, so that we edit the document will have the design effect. Then, when you need to convert the document to PDF export, then you can not use the original to insert the picture background. By inserting a background image in the edit box in the header, and then set the size of the image, the exported PDF of the picture background is complete. If you are interested, you can try.

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