the type of whisky

Often people say that they drink whisky and can't figure out the basics, and they don't have any knowledgeable friends around them. It's really helpless.

We are ruthless, so we opened a "wei circle white development guide" number, to whisky hong kongeveryone can talk about how to start whisky, today we started to give you the arrangement is clearly not white.

The first lesson is about the type of whisky. If you think there is only one kind of malt and blended whisky, then take a closer look!

In terms of types of raw materials, Scotland is legally divided into 3 main categories of whisky, with 5 sub-categories. This article will also look at some common types of whisky that are not regulated by law.

The 1st major category

Single malt whisky is abbreviated as "single malt" in Chinese.

"Single malt" means that it is the easiest type of whisky to get Cue to. Some Chinese gourmets who call themselves "gourmets" always like to say: "Blending? I only drink single malt!" As if a single and malt whisky is more advanced than blended whisky, in fact, we are not.

Let's look at the definition of it.

Single malt whisky: the raw material is barley and all the spirit comes from the same distillery in Scotland. Scottish regulations: Only pot stills can be used for distillation and no substances are allowed to be added during the distillation process except water, yeast and E150a caramel.

It should be noted that the above conditions are essential. For example, there is a "Rebellious" distillery in Scotland called Lake Roman, which meets the definition of single malt, but uses coffee stills to distill single malt, and this part of the whisky can only be renamed as "grain whisky "Even if this part of the whisky is blended with other types of whisky and bottled and sold, it can only be called "Single Grain Whisky".

Left kettle stills and right coffee stills.

Common single and malt whiskies: Macallan 12 year old, Glenfiddich 12 year old, Highland a Knight 12 year old, etc.

The 2nd major category

Single Grain Whisky: Usually made from grains other than barley, all from the same distillery in Scotland. Substances other than water, enzymes (amylase), yeast and E150a caramel coloring are also not allowed to be added during the production process.

According to Scottish law, whisky can only be considered grain whisky if it is distilled in a continuous still, even if the raw material is all malt. Currently, whisky is distilled from malt in a continuous still, of which there is only one in Scotland.

Common single grain whisky:Lord hanger, Lord hanger, etc.

The 3rd major category

Blended whisky

Many people may label social blended whisky as "KTV" and "night club", that is a misunderstanding of it.

In the early days of Hong Kong opera, the point of a bottle of black label, is to have noodles. Generally speaking, blended whisky sells more and has a lower drinking threshold, so blending plays a big role in promoting whisky.

Blended whisky: A whisky blended from Scotch malt whisky and Scotch grain whisky. Generally, blended whiskies that contain both malt and grain whiskies come from different distilleries, but they can also come from the same distillery. For example, Loch Loman can produce both malt whisky and grain whisky, so Loch Loman can produce blended whisky entirely from its own malt whisky and grain whisky.

Generally speaking, single malt and single grain whiskies are more focused on expression of personality, while blended whiskies are mainly focused on balance, so there is no difference between the two.

Common blended whiskies: Johnnie Walker Black, Smooth, Ballantine's 12 year old, etc.

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