The Most Popular Automated Guided Vehicle Manufacturers

Almost everyone on the planet has seen a self-driving vehicle in action, and that fact is quickly becoming more true with advances in technology. With automated guided vehicle manufacturers on the rise, you may be wondering what all these companies are doing, how they are making them, and who exactly owns these. In this article we compare four popular automated guided vehicle manufacturers: Uber, Ford, NAVYA and Waymo.

Different Types of Automated Guided Vehicle Manufacturers

There are basically two types of automated guided vehicle manufactures: those that use lasers and those that use cameras. Lasers are more accurate but require more power, while cameras are cheaper and don't require as much power. Some popular automated guided vehicle manufacturers using lasers include Autonomous,, and Waymo. The most popular manufacturer using cameras is Tesla.

Market Share by Country

There are a variety of automated guided vehicle manufacturers and their products can be found in a number of different markets. This infographic compiled data from 2014 market research reports to provide a snapshot of the leading automated guided vehicle manufacturers. The most popular artificial intelligence (AI) based automated driving systems were those operated by Tesla Motors Inc., Google, and Bosch Automotive.

The 30 Tallest Automated Guided Vehicle Companies

There are a whopping 30 fully automated guided vehicle (AGV) companies in the world today. AGV technology is seen as the future of transportation and has been gaining in popularity due to its environmental benefits, safety features, and cost-effectiveness.

Some of the most well-known AGV companies include 21st Century Automation, Barton Manufacturing, Columbus AGV Technologies, Cross River Robotics, Eaton Corporation's FlexNet subsidiary, General Motors' OnStar subsidiary, Henkel AG's Kuka subsidiary, Japan Industrial Robot Association (Jira) members IHI Corporation and Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd., Naviazzo Group Ltd., Pilot Automated Systems Inc., Rolls-Royce plc.'s RPAS business unit, Skoda Auto Czech Republic s.r.o.'s Synergy unit and Toyota Motor Corporation's TRD autonomous vehicle business unit.

The global market for automated guided vehicles is expected to grow from $2.3 billion in 2016 to $11.9 billion by 2025, according to a report by Frost & Sullivan. There are several reasons cited for this growth including increased use of AGVs in commercial applications such as manufacturing and logistics; expansion of driverless technology into new markets such as food delivery; and increasing demand from utilities for localization of infrastructure projects such as substations and power lines.

Automated Guided Vehicle Manufacturers Used in Some Countries

The most popular automated guided vehicle manufacturers used in some countries are Toyota, Nissan, and Volvo. Automated guided vehicles are becoming increasingly popular because they offer convenience and safety benefits. The vehicles use GPS and other sensors to navigate, making them less prone to accidents. They can also be programmed to follow specific routes or speeds, making them ideal for use in busy areas.