Whisky knowledge: can you drink whisky with ice?

Drinking whiskey with ice is a very common way to drink whiskey. Adding ice can reduce the spiciness and irritation of alcohol and make the drink easier to drink.

Whiskey is actually no fixed way to drink, in order to fully enjoy the aroma and taste of whiskey, or must master some skills to feel the whiskey to bring you happy. Common drinking methods are net drink, with water, with ice whisky course and mixed with drinks, etc.

Drink pure

If you want to gradually taste the pure taste, do not add anything to drink pure. Take it slowly in your mouth, savor it with your tongue and throat, and let the fragrance spread over the glass. In a small glass, pour in 1/3 to 1/2 of the capacity of the glass. a tulip-shaped glass is recommended to collect the aroma. In order to restore the tongue and throat that have become hot due to whiskey, you can prepare mineral water and drink it alternately.

Adding water

Drinking whisky with water is the most popular method of drinking whisky in the world. Some people think that adding water will damagecarpet and hard floor steam cleaner the original flavor of whisky, in fact, adding the right amount of water does not make the whisky lose its original flavor, on the contrary, adding water may make the alcoholic taste lighter, good whisky with water can bring out the hidden flavor of whisky, that is, if the poor quality of whisky with water, it can also be ugly. However, adding water is not random, but little by little to gradually experience the change in the whisky, but also with a professional dropper.

Add ice cubes

This kind of drinking method is also called ontherock, adding ice can reduce the stimulation of ethanol. However, although whisky with ice can suppress the alcoholic taste, but also with the reduction of temperature and let some of the flavor closed, can not taste the original flavor characteristics of whisky.

With soda

Also known as: Highball. whiskey with cola, probably the most popular way to drink, in general, in the taste of cola, American bourbon is widely superior to malt whiskey and grain whiskey, so Highball drinking method, with cola is widely used in American whiskey, for other types of whiskey, most of the other soda water such as ginger ale is added.

Add green tea or black tea

This way of drinking is more common in niKids21ghtclubs, this effect is multi-faceted, to reduce the alcoholic alcoholic stimulation, green tea or black tea flavor and sugar can make the wine "better", the main thing is that a bottle of wine can add several cans of soft drinks, you can share with more friends. Of course this method affects the flavor of whisky, but also make some low-end wine and even fake wine mixed in the consumer end.