Quick guide: What is CNC machining?

A, what is CNC machining

CNC machining means that the control system transmits the command to make the tool to make various movements in accordance with the requirements, and the processing is carried out in a digital and alphabetical way to indicate aluminum cnc machiningthe technical requirements such as the shape and specifications of the workpiece and the production process requirements. It refers broadly to the process of machining parts on a CNC lathe.

CNC lathe is a kind of machine tool controlled by computer, the computer used to control the machine tool, whether it is a special computer, or general-purpose computer are collectively called CNC system. CNC lathe movement and assistance action can be controlled by the command issued by the CNC system.

The instructions of the CNC system are prepared by the programmer based on the material of the workpiece, processing regulations, the characteristics of the machine tool and the instruction format (CNC language or symbols) specified by the system. CNC system based on program instructions to the servo equipment and other functional components to send out the operation or end of information to control the machine tool's various movements. The machine tool is automatically terminated when the machining program of the part is finished. Any kind of CNC lathe, if there is no input program instruction in its CNC system, the CNC lathe can not work.

The controllable action of the machine tool probably contains the start and termination of the machine tool; the start and stop of the spindle, the direction of rotation and speed conversion; the direction, rate and method of the feed motion; the selection of the tool, the length and radius of the compensation; the replacement of the tool, the freezing fluid on and off, etc.

Second, the characteristics of CNC machining

At the beginning, CNC lathe selects aircraft parts with complex type surface as the processing target, and deals with the key which is difficult to be solved by ordinary processing methods. The biggest feature of CNC machining is to use the broken hole tape (or tape) to control the machine tool to carry out automatic processing.

1. Process concentration

CNC lathes generally contain tool tables and tool magazines that can automatically change tools, and the tool changing process is automatically carried out by the system control, thus, the process is more concentrated. Process concentration brings huge economic benefits.

(1) Reduce the floor space of machine tools and save plant.

(2) reduce or no intermediate links (such as intermediate inspection of semi-finished products, storage and delivery, etc.), both time andcheap cnc machining labor saving.

2. Automation

CNC machine tool processing, no manual intervention tool, a high degree of automation. The benefits are obvious.

(1) the requirements of the operator to reduce.

An ordinary machine tool senior workers, not a short time can be trained, and a non-programmable CNC workers training time is extremely short (such as CNC turners must be a week can, will also write a simple processing program). Moreover, the CNC workers in the CNC lathe to process parts than ordinary workers in the traditional machine tools to process the parts of high precision, time to save.

(2) reduces the labor intensity of workers: CNC workers in the processing process, most of the time is excluded from the production process, very labor-saving.

(3) Smooth product quality: the processing automation of CNC lathes eliminates the fatigue, carelessness, estimation and other human deviations of workers on ordinary machine tools, and improves the consistency of goods.

(4) High processing efficiency: The automatic tool change of CNC lathe, etc. makes the production process compact and enhances the labor efficiency.

3. High flexibility

Traditional general-purpose machine tools, despite good softness, but low efficiency; and the traditional special machine, despite high efficiency, but poor adaptability to the parts, rigidity, softness, it is difficult to adapt to the market economy under the fierce competition brought about by the frequent change of goods. As long as you change the program, you can process new parts on the CNC lathe, and can automate the operation, good softness and high efficiency, thus the CNC lathe can well adapt to the market competition.

4. Strong ability

The machine tool can precisely additive manufacturing rapid prototypingprocess various contours, while some contours cannot be processed on ordinary machine tools. CNC lathe is especially suitable for the following places.

(1) Parts that cannot be damaged.

(2) New product development.

(3) The processing of urgent parts.

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