Stereo audio cable with OFC conductor dual shielding, gold-plated metal shell, and flexible PVC jacket, RCA Female to 2 RCA Male (0.2M/0.5FT), speaker

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RCA RCA audio plugs, female to two male; adapter only; should be used with an existing RCA cable. Simple audio component splitting for a true surround-sound effect; Connectors with a tight grip and color coding for easy handling The audio ports (left and right) of a subwoofer, amplifier, or audio/video (A/V) receiver should be connected to a TV, CD/DVD player, or other RCA-compatible device. Gold contact connectors are used for optimal conductivity; gas is injected into the foam dielectric; and dual shielding (braided copper and aluminum Mylar) guards against RF/EM interference. ensures the highest signal transfer and output quality from audio components; flexible yet sturdy exterior;electronic cable

Cable for Akozon Programming Siemens Logo Series USB-Cable PVC Flexible Jacket Programming Cable

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For the Siemens logo programming cable, it is 100% brand new and of high quality.The positioning plug is composed of high-quality wire that is soft and long-lasting for usage, preventing poor contact and plug damage for cables with the Siemens brand. A procedure of internal gold plating improves communication stability. Having a tail card that bends at a 45-degree angle ensures stability and a long service life. Service: We are in charge of the goods and have faith in its quality. Professional functionalities and great dependability give you a unique experience and guarantee each customer's delight. We are available at any moment to answer your queries if you have any concerning our products.

LuSumtly Electrical Wire, 16AWG 10 M/32.8FT Flexible Extension Cable Low Voltage Electric Power Cord for LED Strips Lamps Lighting Automotive, 16 Gauge 2 Core Oxygen-Free Copper PVC Cord

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【Excellent Conductivity】: 16AWG 2 PIN electrical wire is composed of premium PVC, oxygen-free copper, and a high strand count (0.25 mm x 27 STRANDS), offering optimal conductivity, longevity, and antioxidation to guarantee the best possible performance and dependability of the goods. 【Premium Quality】: The PVC jacket/insulation materials shield the 2pin electrical wire from abrasion and remain resistant to chemicals, rain, sunlight, and snow. Rated temperature: 176°F; it lasts a long time and doesn't break at hot temperatures or get hard in the winter. 【Simple to Use】: The two-conductor, red and black, tinned, oxygen-free copper hookup wire is flexible and simple to solder. It is also easy to strip and cut to any length according to requirements. 【WIDELY USE】: This electrical wire is ideal for low voltage (5V–12V–24V) installations, making it ideal for LED light strips, automobile lights, electronic appliances, landscape, path, and garden lighting, among other applications. This landscape wire is ROHS compliant and UL listed. It also comes with a warranty. VW-1 fire-proof level. We guarantee both client satisfaction and top-notch products, so please shop with confidence.

Black ZhiYo 20FT 1/4" Wire Loom Split Tubing Auto Wire Conduit Flexible Cover with High Temperature Heat Resistance (-40°F to 257°F) for Electrical Wires and Cables

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Greater Operation The range of temperatures is -40 to 257. With a shorter operating temperature range than comparable goods, it is safer and of higher quality. Excellent wire tubing for use in offices, cars, ships, factories, and homes Superior substance and extended functional range Your wiring will be shielded from heat, grease, and canines by flex tubing. Superior Caliber Our wire protector tubing is made of polyethylene and is thermostable and flame-retardant thanks to its newly developed high-tech density! Ensure that your wires are safe from dangerous chemicals, abrasion, corrosion, fuel, and oil. For indoor or outdoor wire cover, this split loom tubing is ideal. Simple Assembly: It is much simpler to utilize corrugated wire loom tubing with side cuts. Excellent plastic cable and wire cover for electrical wiring.

KOMBIUDA Cord Extender Card for Extension Memory Card Linker Card Reading Device Memory Card Memory Card Reader Memory Card Converter ffc Copper PVC Card Reader Cord Storage Card White Adapter

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Card Extender: Compatible with TV, development boards, cars, and 3D printers. Card Extender Cord: The memory card reader extension cord is not compatible with hot swapping. Card Extension Cable Adapter: Suitable for items requiring memory card extensions, this adapter is incredibly practical. Note: The Flexible Memory Card Reader may not be able to read the data if the cable is not long enough. Flexible Memory Card Adapter: features consistent qualities, excellent performance, high dependability, and ease of installation.

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