How to show hidden folders?Sometimes I suddenly look for files in my computer and realize I can't find them. It turns out they are hidden. It seems that I still have the habit of hiding files. Sometimes, files that are not commonly used but cannot be deleted must be hidden, but when it is necessary to look for them occasionally, it is not easy to find the hidden files. They can only show the hidden files again.convert pdf to word online for free adobe acrobat Below, the editor shares his experience of showing hidden files.

Many times we will find that the computer disk is obviously empty, but from the attributes we will find that some things will take up space, and some files are hidden and we can't see them. How to make hidden folders show up? This makes many users confused, next, I will introduce you to the hidden. File Display Technique.

How to show hidden folders?

Open "Menu", click "Control Panel". Select "Folder Management Options".

When the dialog box appears, click "View" in the dialog box, show hidden files, folders and drives in the advanced settings to find hidden files.

This is how to show hidden files.

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