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Nowadays, computer has become one of the indispensable tools in our daily life and work. However, faced with the unexpected disappearance of computer folders, many people may feel panic and confusion. So, what happens when a computer folder mysteriously disappears?combine pdfs for free windows Don't worry, this article will introduce you some common methods to help you find the lost computer folder easily.

What are the reasons for computer folder disappearance?

Accidental Deletion: A folder may have been accidentally deleted by a computer user.

Forgetting the storage location:convert scanned pdf to word online free large files You can't find the computer folder, you may have forgotten the correct storage location.

Operational Management System Failure: Some problems or crashes in the operational control system may have caused the folder to disappear.

Virus Infection: The computer is infected with virus or malware which may lead to hiding and deletion of folders.

Storage Media Failure:Hard disk failure, flash drive failure or storage media corruption may cause folders to disappear.

How to find lost computer folders

1. Check Recycle Bin

Sometimes, we may delete folders accidentally.pdf editor online Therefore, we can check the Recycle Bin for your lost folders and recover them.

Open the "Recycle Bin" > according to different folder names, original location information to find > after you find yourself right-click on the folder and select "Restore" can be directly restored to its original location.

2. Show hidden items

What to do if the folder is missing and the recycle bin is not there? Maybe your folder is hidden, you can try to enable show hidden items to find the folder.

Open "This Computer" > Go to the partition where you lost the folder > Select "View" > Check "Hidden Items", and then check if the folder is hidden.

3. Use Search Function

If you don't remember where the folder is located, you can try to find it quickly by using the search function of your computer to avoid manual searching in a large amount of data.

Open "this computer" > in the search box on the right side of the "folder name" or "keywords" > wait for the search results can be (make sure you choose to search on the entire computer or the disk). (Please make sure to select the whole computer or the disk you are searching on).

4. Reboot your computer

When your computer system crashes and the folder is lost, you can try to restart your computer. Sometimes the system crash may be a temporary problem, restarting may exist to make the management system function normally again, and the folders may reappear.

5. Use data recovery software

If you can't find the folder with any of the above methods, you can try to use professional data recovery software, which is a powerful data recovery software welcomed by many users, no matter it is wrongly deleted, wrongly formatted, virus infected, etc., we can try to use the software to quickly recover lost data, including folders and data, from desktop computers, laptops, removable hard drives, USB flash drives and other types of storage devices. Lost data including folders and data inside.

6. Seek help from offline organizations

The folder has not been deleted or hidden but it has disappeared. Many times it may be caused by the physical failure of the storage media, such as the computer can not boot up normally. At this point, it is recommended that you consult an offline data recovery service provider or technician. They may have more advanced techniques to recover lost folders and data.

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