What do you think is the biggest advantage of PDF document?

What do you think is the biggest advantage of PDF document?

First, let me talk about my understanding of PDF.

During the university study, teachers will supplement students' homework when they receive it, convert pdf to word online for free adobe acrobatand staff members need to use PDF format.

After work, the boss requested that all external files be in PDF format.

And the advantages of PDF are also very obvious:

【 not scrambled 】

When I was in college, I studied engineering. I have a lot of formulas in my homework. merge png to pdf ilovepdfI remember one time I submitted a text version of the formula. Before I submitted, I checked the formula to see if there were any typographical errors, the teacher immediately replied word Gibberish, re-PDF sent to her, because she saw that the word version of the formula was complete gibberish, later found out that we used a different word version, due to this problem, I used PDF file format for subsequent submissions.

【 High confidentiality 】

At the beginning of my work, I used the word version to send attachments to the leaders and copied them. As soon as the email was sent out, the leader called and asked me why I sent word instead of PDF. And told me that the attachment of the subsequent external mail should be PDF, one is to ensure that the layout is not garbled, and the other is to prevent others from editing and modifying the data, both of which are indispensable. merge two pdf pages into one page macThis is the first skill I learned in the workplace: sending external mail in PDF format.

But it's usually a coin front and back, and the advantages you see are also a disadvantage. For example, a PDF can guarantee that it won't be tampered with, but if you have to modify a PDF, it's very difficult because the PDF forbids students from doing so, then you won't be able to copy all the data into text and convert it to PDF after the information changes itself.

So I wonder if there is any software that can be modified directly in the PDF?

Then I have to recommend it. Its one-second PDF editing is really good.

In particular, it can be used in the PDF version, such as text editing, deleting text, adding text, modifying text ... It is an unparalleled operation. Star PDF also has colorful annotation functions, including highlighting, wavy lines, deleting lines, commenting and other forms.

And wanxing PDF with segmentation, extraction and other functions, it is very convenient to use. Next time the leader gives you an unreasonable request, for example, I only want the first page, the third page, the sixth page... ... or just odd, even pages, and you can do it with a few clicks, get him to sit up and notice.

For our friends who often deal with forms, it also provides corresponding social benefits, which can directly affect the identification of form field data, which is equivalent to that enterprises can fill in PDF like excel forms. This is really convenient, and it can also improve the extraction of data in forms. Generally speaking, this is a big bonus for students who need teachers to process these data.

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