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PDF document is a hard to edit document. Sometimes we need to edit or copy the content of PDF document, converting PDF document to Word is our best choice. Why are PDF documents so hard to edit? How to convert PDF document to Word document for free? Next, we will introduce you to ten PDF to Word on the common problems.

Why is it so difficult to edit PDF documents? Why we can not like Word documents can be edited as casually?

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a new electronic document format created by Adobe based on the PostScript language.pdf to word converter offline software free download full version It will be text, fonts, formatting, color, graphics, image layout, etc., encapsulated in a compact, complete PDF file structure, which allows any user to copy the original document in PDF software, independent of the operating system language, fonts and display devices. PDF documents also support content search, and can contain electronic information, such as hypertext links, audio and video, with a high degree of integration and reliable security.

The Word document is a document format that is more oriented towards editing.word to pdf converter online i love pdf Users can add pictures, text and so on at will in the Word document. We in order to ensure the stability and security of the document, we recommend the use of PDF documents rather than Word documents.

Why Word to PDF is free, while PDF to Word is basically a charge?

Due to the unique advantages of PDF documents, many software will provide free "Save Document as PDF" function.jpg to pdf converter and combine But if you want to convert PDF files into Word, you need software compatible with PDF file editing, which will greatly increase the load and stability of the office software itself. So in general, the need to develop a product to independently handle PDF documents.

However, PDF to Word is not simply another development of a software so simple, PDF editor development costs are very high, very complex algorithms and so on, but also server support. So in general, good PDF to Word tools are required to charge.

How to convert PDF to Word for free?

Generally speaking, PDF to Word conversion is chargeable. Some PDF editing software in order to attract users to buy, will provide users with a "free" experience, and this "free" often have various restrictions, such as adding watermarks, page limitations and so on.

In addition to PDF editing software, PDF online editing site is basically the same way. Compared with PDF online conversion Word website PDF editing software, it is generally free, and do not need to be installed to walk, by the majority of users welcome. However, in order to maintain web servers and perform technical maintenance and update iterations, PDF online conversion also has some "limitations". Therefore, it is impossible to enjoy PDF conversion for free.

What is the difference between online conversion and software conversion?

Online conversion site does not need to install a software, ready to go, very simple and convenient. Online website conversion of Word documents will appear in the layout of confusion, text information recognition system errors, and PDF editing technology software to convert out of the Word document readability will be better. So we want to get better conversion teaching results, or to use the management of professional PDF editing software.

Why some PDF documents converted to Word still can not be edited?

This is because the PDF document may be converted to a picture document, so after the conversion of Word documents, just converted to a Word document with pictures, Word software can not edit the text in the picture, so the formation of "PDF converted to Word can not be edited" illusion.

Why are some PDF documents converted to Word after the code will be messy?

Because PDF and Word are two different formats, PDF's unique format to ensure the stability of the document, and Word's streaming layout is more convenient to edit. PDF to Word conversion involves the conversion of the intermediate format, in the process of machine recognition of the conversion error, resulting in garbled code.

How to convert scanned PDF documents into editable Word documents?

Scanned PDF document is actually a picture generated by the PDF document, as described earlier, the image format of the PDF document directly converted to Word documents can not be edited. If we want to edit the scanned parts of the text inside, then we must use the OCR graphic recognition function.

OCR (optical character recognition) text recognition refers to electronic devices (such as scanners or digital cameras) to check the characters printed on the paper, and then use character recognition methods to translate the shape into computer text. Therefore, we want to convert scanned documents into editable Word documents, you need to use PDF editing software with OCR graphic recognition.

PDF documents can not be converted to Word directly edited?

PDF documents in the PDF editor can be edited directly, but due to the varying levels of quality of PDF documents, the effect of the PDF editor can not be no generalization. For example, some of the picture information generated by the PDF document, it can not be edited directly in the PDF editor, the need for OCR to deal with PDF documents and then edit them, or convert the PDF document into a picture and then use Photoshop to deal with these pictures.

Why do we have a PDF document management can not be copied text? Some can?

PDF documents can generally be copied directly, if you can not copy the text there are two main reasons.

The first reason: PDF file is a picture/scanned PDF document generated by the text of this PDF document can not be copied directly, the picture can only be converted into computer-readable text after OCR.

The second reason: PDF documents are limited to editing and copying. PDF documents have a high degree of security, you can limit the document editing, copying. To copy the text in the PDF document, you first need to get the password to edit it.

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