Kittmip Wasp Trap UV LED Light Flying Insects Outdoor Hanging Wasp Killer Bee Trap Solar Powered Bee Trap Reusable Fly Traps Bee Killer for Home, Patio, and Garden, Indoors (Green, 6 Packs)

Products Information:

What You Get: You get 6 brightly colored wasp traps, which is plenty to cover your requirements and replacements while also allowing you to share some with your friends.

Dual Entrance Tunnels: These bee killers feature two entrances that will draw more bumblebees into our trap and submerge them in the sugar water we previously added, killing those pesky insects.

Simple to Use: Place the bee trap where there are lots of insects, add some sugar water or honey, and hang it there. The aroma of the sugar water will entice insects to enter the bottle through the two entrance tunnels.

Attract Insects at Night: In addition to the blue UV light automatically emitting warm light to attract more insects, the wasp killer trap's top may be powered by solar energy, providing you with a lot of convenience.

Stainless steel and plastic are used to make the wasp killer, which is dependable, reusable, safe, and robust. The clear plastic allows you to see what's happening inside the trap.

Hodiax Tap n Zap! 3800V Indoor Bug Zapper 360 Degree Mosquito Insect Killer for Moth, Wasp, Fly Usage in Bedroom, Kitchen, Office, Restaurant

Products Information:

Effective Pest Control: Our electric bug zapper uses a 12W UV tube to attract light-sensitive flies and other flying mosquitoes into a high-voltage metal grid where they are quickly electrocuted and killed.

Chemical-Free: Odor spray and dangerous chemicals are no longer used. Chemical insecticides are a wonderful match for our electric bug zapper. Perfect for all indoor settings.

utmost safety is guaranteed: For the utmost level of user safety, the Hodiax bug zapper is coated with exterior insulation ABS material. Prevent yourself and your family from receiving an electric shock by accident.

Simple cleanup: Upon contact, mosquitoes and flies are instantly electrocuted and fall into the unit's removable, washable bottom tray. To dispose of the bug carcasses quickly and effectively, just remove the tray.

Perfect for Both Indoor and Outdoor Settings Very secure and safe to use in suggested little spaces, such as bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, etc.

Sprays up to 27 feet, Hot Shot Wasp & Hornet Killer Spray (12 Pack), Eliminates The Nest, 17.5 fl Ounce

Products Information:

Hot Shot Wasp & Hornet Killer kills wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, scorpions, mud daubers, and tent caterpillars immediately upon contact.

JET SPRAY UP TO 27 FEET: With a jet spray that extends up to 27 feet, you can remain outside of the nest safely.

NON-STAINING: Before applying in areas where spray may contact home siding, test in a hidden area and retest in a few hours. This product is non-staining to most home siding depending on age and cleanliness.

Apply at sunset, when insects are least active, if using it outside.

AEROSOL SPRAY: The nest is destroyed by the water-based formula.

It is safe to touch Lanpuly Electric Fly Swatter, Bug Zapper Mosquito Killer for Indoor Outdoor, 4000 Volt Electric Fly Killer Pest Insects Control Racket Zap.

Products Information:

A powerful high voltage fly zapper with a 4000 volt grid can rapidly kill mosquitoes, flies, fruit flies, gnats, and other pests with a single swing. more practical and effective than a fly trap.

Electric mosquito zapper can be connected to any USB device with the included USB wire for quick and effective charging. USB RECHARGEABLE FLY SWATTER (3-4hours). Battery replacement is not necessary. eco-friendly and practical.

Two layers of safe and effective grid protection can keep your hands away from high voltage. DOUBLE LAYERS PROTECTION FLY KILLER Even if you accidentally contact it while applying this insect repellent, it is safe to touch.

Indoor and outdoor bug killer with extra storage base in a convenient size. The base may accommodate an insect zapper racket. Easy to find and excellent decor. The Lanpuly bug zapper is portable and suitable for use outside. Effectively zaps mosquitoes, flies, moths, gnats, and other flying insects. Perfect for camping, fishing, or barbecuing with your family.

Electric mosquito zapper is constructed of premium ABS material, not recycled plastic, making it simple to use and clean. Simply flip the switch on and press and hold the power button on the handle to activate. Very simple to use and keep clean. No more dangerous pesticides, sprays, repellents, or glue traps!

Wasp traps, outdoor hanging wasp traps, 4 pack of bee traps, solar-powered hive and bee traps, yellow jacket traps, and hive traps are all available.

Products Information:

Wireless wasp traps powered by solar energy are suitable for a variety of outdoor uses, including the home, garden, orchards, and farms. They don't require batteries or charging.cockroach insecticide spray

LED light that turns on and off automatically throughout the day so that you don't have to spend additional time controlling it.

Many Uses: You can use this catcher to keep bees and hornets away from your fruit as well as for safety.

Waterproof Traps: The stainless steel handle and high-quality plastic bucket of the trap can be left hanging outside all day.

Reusable Wasp Trap: All that is required to attract and capture wasps is the addition of some honey, fruit juice, or sugar water to the bucket of the wasp trap.

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