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The term digital marketing refers to a type of marketing that utilizes the Internet, computer communication technology and digital interactive media to achieve marketing goals. Digital marketing will try its best to utilize advanced computer network technology to seek new market development and new consumer exploration in the most efficient and cost-effective way. So do you know the fifteen marketing methods of digital marketing?

The term digital marketing refers to a type of marketing that utilizes the Internet, computer communications technology and digital interactive media to achieve marketing goals. Digital marketing will seek to develop new markets and tap new consumers in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible, utilizing advanced computer network technology. Digital marketing is an advanced marketing activity based on a well-defined database of objects to achieve precision marketing, quantifiable marketing results and data through digital multimedia channels (e.g., telephone, SMS, email, e-fax, web platforms and other digital media channels).

The first form: Search Engine Marketing

Search engine market is currently one of the most important means of website promotion and marketing, especially based on the search results of the search engine promotion, because many are free, so many small and medium-sized websites are very important, search engine marketing methods have become a major part of the network marketing model system.

The main methods of search engine marketing include: competitive ranking, classified directories, search engine login, paid search engine advertising, keyword advertising, search engine optimization (search engine natural ranking), address bar search, website linking strategy. Individuals can link search engines with their established portals such as blogs, microblogs, etc. to increase traffic, visibility and attention.

The Second Form:Instant Messaging Marketing

Instant messaging marketing, also known as IM marketing, is a means that can help business companies need to promote their products and brands through instant tools. There are usually two main ways to develop the situation:

First: Online communication. When marketers set up their online stores or insurance companies set up their websites, they usually send instant messages online, so potential customers who are interested in a certain product or service will naturally contact the online marketer or the insurance company's service provider.

Secondly, the insurance company can release some product information, promotional information or branding ideas through IM marketing communication tools.

The Third Form: Viral Marketing

The name of viral marketing sounds scary, but it is actually a common form of online marketing that is often used for website promotion and branding. Viral marketing utilizes the principle of word-of-mouth among users. This kind of "word of mouth" on the Internet is more convenient and can spread rapidly like a virus, so viral marketing is an efficient way to spread information, and because this kind of dissemination is spontaneous among users, there is almost no cost.

Many corporate brands also utilize technology products to forward information to obtain gifts or sweepstakes opportunities, in order to achieve the purpose of making more different people through the understanding and attention to their products. For example, during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Coca-Cola Co. launched an online torch relay teaching campaign for students, which can be directly referred to as a classic viral internet marketing management case study. If you are qualified to pass the torch online, you will be awarded the title of "Torch Ambassador" and an unlit icon will be displayed on your personal avatar, to which you can then send invitations as a no-frills friend.

The fourth form: BBS Marketing

BBS marketing, also known as forum marketing, is to use the forum as a network communication platform to disseminate information about the brand, products and services of the insurance company through text, pictures, videos, etc., so as to enable the target customers to have a more in-depth understanding of the insurance company. products and services. Finally, it promotes the company's insurance brand, products and services to deepen the knowledge of the insurance market.

BBS marketing is to utilize the popularity of forums, through professional planning, writing, posting, answering, monitoring, reporting and other processes, to communicate effectively within the forum space using the forum's powerful crowd-gathering ability, including a variety of top-level posts, general posts, serialized posts, discussion posts, multi-picture posts, video posts and other methods. You can also use the forum as a platform to hold various activities, such as stepping on buildings, irrigating water, posting pictures, videos, essays, etc., to mobilize interaction between netizens and the brand, in order to achieve the communication of the insurance brand and the product. Sales.

The fifth form: blog marketing

Blog marketing is a marketing activity that uses the personal knowledge, interests and life experiences of bloggers to communicate insurance ideas and product information by connecting with bloggers and viewers through blog sites or blog forums.

Blog marketing can use original and professional content to share economic knowledge, compete for voice, build a personal development brand for students, establish and refine their "opinion leader" status, and then influence readers' and consumers' thinking and purchasing social behavior.

The Sixth Form: Chat Group Marketing

Chat group marketing is an extension of instant messaging tools. It is insurance marketing that uses the grouping feature in various live chat software.Digital Marketing Agency in singapore Current groups include qq groups, msn groups, Wangwang groups, sina chat bars, etc.

Insurance companies and insurance marketers widely use instant messaging tools for chat group marketing because of their low cost, immediacy and interactivity. It disseminates information about the insurance company's brand, products and services by posting text, pictures, insurance plans, etc., so that the target customers can have a deeper understanding of the company's products and services, and ultimately realize the promotion of the company's brand, products and services. The purpose is to deepen the understanding of the insurance market in network marketing activities. Insurance salespersons can directly set up their own insurance marketing Q Group to sell their company's insurance products.

 The Seventh form: online insurance knowledge marketing

Online social insurance-related knowledge marketing can use platforms such as Baidu (microblogging) "Knowledge", "Encyclopedia", Sina's "Ask" or the insurance company's corporate management website. The platforms such as Baidu (Weibo) "Knowledge", "Encyclopedia", Sina "Ask" or the insurance company's corporate administration website with self-built questions and answers for students to ask and answer the question with the customers to spread the way about the company's brand, products and services. The main reason for the online insurance theoretical knowledge network marketing model is that it expands the economic level of customers' knowledge of the insurance business, enables customers to experience the professionalism and high quality of service of the insurance company and marketing staff, thus winning the trust and recognition of the company and individuals, and ultimately achieves the purpose of popularization of the insurance liability company's trademarks, products and services market information.

The eighth form: Network event marketing

Network event marketing (Network event marketing) refers to the insurance company through careful planning and implementation, can be directly involved in and get pleasure from the event, and through such events to attract or divert public attention, improve and enhance the relationship with the public, and establish a good image. Insurance Companies. Currently, insurance companies across the country are organizing customer festivals, looking for people with a destination, etc. All are typical examples of successful online event marketing.

The Ninth form: Internet word-of-mouth marketing

Internet word-of-mouth marketing is a new type of marketing that organically combines traditional insurance word-of-mouth marketing with network technology. Customers or company insurance marketers use the interactive and convenient features of the Internet to communicate with target customers through word-of-mouth information such as text, pictures, videos, etc., and they discuss the company's brand, products, and services, thus deepening the influence and impression on target customers and ultimately achieving the purpose of Internet marketing. Internet word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective way of communication in the WEB2.0 era. Internet word-of-mouth marketing has been popular in the world for a long time, the United States has a specialized association in this regard to explore the authority of specialized.

The tenth form: direct online Internet marketing

Direct online marketing is a marketing method for insurance companies to develop distribution channels through the Internet or to sell products directly to end customers. Examples: B2C, B2B, etc. Through the combination of traditional direct marketing and the Internet, online direct marketing has developed into a new and disruptive marketing model. Many insurance marketers have become a new disruptive marketing model due to the high cost and weakness of establishing marketing branches. One by one, online direct marketing has been adopted to achieve small profits through its low-cost and high-yield approach.

The Eleventh Form:Web Video Marketing

Online video marketing is a marketing method in which insurance companies or marketers place various video clips on the Internet to promote the company and its personal brand, products and services. Online video advertising comes in the form of television clips. It is characterized by the attractiveness of TV clips, variety of form and content, creativity and vividness. It also has the advantages of online marketing such as interaction and positive communication. Pornography, rapid dissemination, low cost and so on. It can be said that online video marketing is a way to combine the advantages of TV advertising and online marketing.

The Twelfth form:Online image marketing

Online image marketing refers to the insurance enterprise company in the main development forums, space, blogs and live chat scattered design and creative insurance pictures, or can automatically crawl them through their own search engine, and ultimately get to promote the brand and products of Social Insurance Co. Ltd. brand and products, services and other information to achieve the purpose of innovative marketing of products in the Chinese insurance industry. This kind of insurance sales pictures with pictures and words are persuasive, vivid and easy for customers to accept.

The thirteenth form: network publicity marketing

Network soft insurance marketing, also known as network news marketing, releases some professional, journalistic and promotional articles, including press releases, in-depth reports, insurance claims case studies, etc. through portals or industry websites. The brand, features, products, services, events and other related information are timely, comprehensive and effective, and can be disseminated to the public in a timely, comprehensive and effective manner.

The Form fouthen: RSS Marketing

RSS marketing is also called online e-subscription magazine marketing. the characteristics of RSS marketing determine that it has more advantages than other mailing list marketing, and is a replacement and supplement to the mailing list. Most of the people who use RSS are in the industry, such as R&D personnel, financial personnel and company managers. They will subscribe to insurance via email on some highly specialized technical, financial, management and other professional websites. The company's magazines and journals information fulfill the need to know the industry information.

The Fifteenth Conducted Form: SNS Marketing

SNS is the full name of social networking services, such as " URL ", " URL ", " friends " and so on. These are SNS type of websites that help people to build social networking application services.SNS marketing is the use of sharing and sharing features of SNS websites for marketing purposes. It is a type of marketing that appears in online communities.SNS communities have been developed in China for a long time, but SNS has become a popular mode of user network communication.

In the next 30 years, whoever can sell the Internet will be able to sell the insurance market. If insurance companies and insurance marketers haven't started online marketing yet, then you'll be saying the same thing as you did on the Internet: "It's not the opportunity you'll miss, it's the times.

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