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Excel is an excellent office system software, Excel has built-in functions and features. You can use to perform sorting, filtering and charting to help users can quickly develop calculations and analyze research data. In addition, Excel's ability to analyze and process data technology work is also very strong, which is very important for business management company decision-making, business needs analysis and forecasting.word to pdf converter online free i love pdf Therefore, excel has gradually become an indispensable tool for business operations and personal data sharing. How to get back lost excel spreadsheet file if it is accidentally lost in the process of using excel? Here will teach you six ways to recover lost excel sheet.

What are the reasons of lost excel sheet file?

Before recovering excel spreadsheet file, we should find out the reasons leading to the loss of excel spreadsheet file. There are five common reasons.

1. Accidental Deletion of Forms

Accidental deletion of Excel tables is very common, it may be due to accidentally emptying the recycle bin or moving the Excel tables to a different location.

2. Form Damage

Excel sheets can be corrupted due to various reasons such as computer crash or accidental power failure, virus or malware attack, aging storage media or hardware damage.

3. excel file for formatting problems

Excel files may not open due to formatting issues. For example, after updating the Excel version or sending the file to someone else, the file may not provide the expected results, leading to file corruption and loss.

4. Software malfunctions

Excel may not be able to open or save Excel files due to internal malfunctions or problems with the software itself.

5. Operating System Errors

Operating system errors can also lead to loss or corruption of Excel sheets. For example, file system errors may corrupt Excel files so that they cannot be opened, saved or read.

Six ways to recover excel sheet

When we can know the reasons for the loss of excel sheet data file information, we need to target the recovery of lost excel. here we share six recovery research methods.

1. Recycle Bin Recovery

Recycle bin recovery is a very useful recovery method. If we just delete by mistake without emptying the recycle bin, we can go to the recycle bin, find the Excel file containing the lost sheet and recover it.

2. File Search

Because there are more files in your computer, you may forget where they are stored in the excel sheet after a long time, so you can use the search function of your computer to find out whether the files are stored in other locations. For example, we can try to use the file name, xlsx(xls) to search for the suffix or other keywords.

3. Cloud storage retrieval

If we use cloud storage service, we just need to log in to our cloud storage account to see if any Excel files are missing.

4. Sheet Auto Recovery

Excel has an auto-recovery feature that helps you to recover unsaved changes after the file is closed accidentally. You can open a file in the excel program and then find "Options" and "Recovery" under the "File" menu to determine if there are unsaved excel Spreadsheet file.

5. Restore previous versions

Excel files in the history of the version saved in the information system, you can make a selection of China to restore the work of the previous version of the Excel sheet file. Open the data file, under the "File" menu to find the "version of the development of historical process records", from the restore point to restore the technical file version.

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