There are many things in the living environment need to use the battery, the battery is dead, we can not only let it restore power, and for the waste battery, we can also give it to the use of up, waste as treasure, today to teach you some small knowledge of the battery, the following a more understanding of the analysis of it.lithium ion battery assembly

1. We usually use our fingers to flip the screen when we flip the cell phone, but sometimes it is difficult to slide the screen if we wear gloves or if we have a female friend who has just trimmed her nails.

At this time we can use the positive pole of the battery as a contact point to touch the phone, so that we can use the battery to slide the screen, even if it is used to enter text, it is very convenient, so that there is no need to buy a stylus, with a used battery can be easy to deal with.battery cell machine

2. Sometimes, when the batteries in our house run out, there will actually be some small amount of electricity in them. For example, when the batteries of some toys run out, we can use it again and put it in the remote control because the remote control is a very small amount of electricity, so you can make full use of the battery too.prismatic cell assembly

3. If the battery is dead after the second use, then we can clamp the battery with a tool and repeat it several times to let the remaining power in the battery be stimulated. The power so stimulated is not much, but it can still be used in the remote control for a period of time, and sometimes batteries can be handled in this way, just in case.

4. Whenever the fall and winter seasons, the weather is relatively dry, we wear their own clothes, or touch the door handle, often may be static electricity, each time the static electricity is also a more obvious pain.

We can use the positive electrode of the battery to contact the clothes back and forth friction, and then use the battery to remove the phenomenon of static electricity on the clothes, so that after a period of friction, when we touch, you will find no static electricity on the clothes.

Similarly, we use the positive pole of the battery in the door handle friction for a while, you can also eliminate static electricity on the door handle. In the fall and winter, the weather is dry and prone to static electricity. If you often encounter this situation, you can use batteries to solve this problem.

About the battery of these small common sense, we all understand clearly it, after learning, go home and immediately utilize it.

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