After the due date, after continuous collection efforts, if the debt is still not settled, I believe many people will receive notices of being sued one after another.

Among them, some are real prosecutions and some are false prosecutions.

Today we will talk about how to respond if you are really sued and the court enters the execution stage.

I don’t know if you have ever encountered such a situation.ofw loan without ccsl When you receive a notice of prosecution, you find that it is actually a court in a different place, and the prosecutor is not the original loan platform.

When this happens, you must be careful. It means that the platform that originally lent you the loan has transferred your debt to another company, and this company will initiate a lawsuit in their local court.

This method of prosecution is a common method used by many online loan platforms,personal loan calculator because currently most domestic courts do not accept online loan prosecution cases, but some courts are willing, such as the Daowai District People's Court of Harbin City.

Many times, because of missing phone calls and not paying attention to text message notifications and litigation emails,student loan the court directly decides that the defendant has failed to attend the case when the court is in session.

Then it quickly enters the execution stage. You don't know that you have been executed until your balance is frozen.

Here, if you encounter this situation, three solutions can be provided:

1. Actively repay the loan

If you can think of a way to raise money, then negotiate and settle it directly, and the freeze will naturally be unfrozen after the case is over.

2. Calm your mind

If the frozen balance is not large and you have no ability to repay, then just keep a good attitude, work hard and make money, and wait until you have money.

As for the WeChat payment function that is restricted, then don’t use WeChat, use Alipay, or use a bank card. If that doesn’t work, just use cash instead. Although it may be inconvenient sometimes, just overcome it and life will go on. Just pay off the debt when you have money in the future.

3. Fight for unfreezing

If the frozen balance is large and seriously affects your life, then in this case, contact the court and inform the court that you have objections to the execution, explain your situation clearly, and strive to get the frozen money unfrozen for yourself.

Because it will not be deducted immediately after freezing, it is just said that it cannot be used. As long as you unfreeze it before it is deducted, the money will still be yours.

Although the debt must be repaid, if the frozen amount makes it difficult to maintain your life, this is not in line with the original intention of the implementation, and life is more important than fate.

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