I've heard that there are numerous advantages for Mainland students to attend universities in Hong Kong and Macau; what are these advantages?

The Advantages of Studying in Hong Kong and Macau

Geography and development advantages of Hong Kong and Macao: Hong Kong is a global financial center, and Macao is well-known for its casino and tourism services. Both cities have easy access by road and water, and they are well-known as free trade ports, key ports, and maritime hubs with a thriving economy.

an overall great campus living environment with a wide range of teaching facilities

The teaching personnel are first-class, with professors from all over the world, most of whom are PHDs from major universities, bringing with them a wealth of teaching experience and varied teaching approaches.

Advanced teaching methods and concepts, which differ significantly from those used on the Mainland, are more open and inclusive.

All English language lessons are taught in English, allowing students to swiftly improve their English proficiency.

Each school includes an exchange program in which students can study for one or two semesters in prominent overseas schools in order to gain a worldwide perspective.

A springboard for applying to top schools in Europe and the United States, making it easier for pupils to obtain a passport to travel to Europe and the United States.

Numerous scholarship programmes and attractive awards, many香港大學排名 institutions win the top scholarship equal to full exemption of tuition costs and living expenses.

Generous employment policy, with numerous opportunities available after graduation.

Easy to obtain permanent residency, university students can apply for an IANG work visa after graduation, which allows them to work legally in Hong Kong without restrictions, and they can apply for renewal after one year, and they can apply for permanent resident status after seven years of studying and working. Permanent residents of Hong Kong have numerous perks and will be able to travel to 168 countries visa-free by the end of 2021.

Three, Hong Kong and Macao university application approaches and application deadlines

Applicants applying to Hong Kong and Macau institutions must take the National Unified Entrance Examination for Universities of Higher Education, or Gao Kao, in the same year.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong and the City University of Hong Kong are among the first to accept students. Candidates take the Gao Kao unified test, and even if they are not admitted in the first batch, they can still apply to other Mainland universities in following batches.

Apart from the two universities mentioned above, additional universities in Hong Kong and Macau follow the independent admissions policy. Applicants apply for admission on the schools' official websites in accordance with the requirements of the schools, attend interviews organized by the schools, and the schools admit candidates based on their HKALE results, interview performance, and other conditions.

A few institutions have already closed their applications, and the majority are in the process of registering students online. Many universities will finish their applications soon, so students interested in applying to universities in Hong Kong and Macau should keep an eye on their official websites and apply early.