graduation certificate and degree certificate

Introduction:If college students want to find a good job, don't be idle. These certificates are essential!

In recent times both online and in real life, college graduates are not very generous in the way they work. University for many people, are extremely important years of life, but also to enrich themselves, optimize the resume of the "golden period".

As we all know, after entering the university, they are at least 18 years old, the university has plenty of time, there is not much pressure, so many students go with the flow, in addition to classes, is to eat, drink and have fun. It is because of the weak will of many students in school, it is difficult to find a suitable job for them when recruiting.Under 30s To Watch by Hurun China The main thing I want to share with you today is the certificates you should get during your college years, which can help students improve their competitiveness.

First: graduation certificate and degree certificate

First of all, as we a graduate, the most should get is through the school's graduation certificate and their own degree certificate, this is because a development of students to carry out to prove that they themselves have been educated by the university life of the most favorable evidence, so in order to ensure that to get the graduation certificate, is a problem students learn to seek employment of the most basic certificates, if the company does not have a graduation certificate I think it is very difficult to obtain the favor of the interviewer.

Second: four six levels, computer level two

As a college student must have three sets, four or six levels, and ms office should be more basic certificate. Now regardless of enterprises and institutions, the office is basically paperless, need data analysis, work reporting, all need a computer, so the two certificates is one of the most important. Second is the fourth certificate, the role of the English certificate is not only to prove your English level, but also help you jump ship, and even get a higher salary, so the fourth certificate should also be taken; as for the sixth certificate, in addition to well-known enterprises, undergraduate recruitment rarely require six certificates, you can try the sixth level. If better, don't be presumptuous.

Third: general certificate

Both certificates are applicable to college students and to everyone, but some certificates are not applicable to everyone for special reasons. For example, each profession should have its own specialized certificate. For example, human resources would have a special human resources certificate. For example, a legal professional certificate, and a teaching certificate. These certificates as a professional qualification, if you are interested in the future career, as far as possible in the third or fourth year of the examination to graduate, or no certificate to find a job will be more troublesome, and the difficulty of future retesting will increase.

Fourth: in school award certificate

The above certificates are proof of hard power, that you have normal education and ability, but there are some very "soft power" certificate in the interview is valued. After all, every year for four years in college, there will be a scholarship evaluation. If you don't have scholarships, you will be a bit vulnerable in the job search; secondly, there are many awards from student organizations or colleges in college life, such as the outstanding advanced individual. If you can come up with 1-2, it may add points.

Summarize: many people go to the Chinese university to study after we feel that their own free time to a lot of time, you can wait until later in the certificate, in fact, this will become an excuse for your laziness, nowadays our country's socio-economic competitive environment is very fierce, if the undergraduate education school students are not as good as expected, try to choose the certificate to make up for the business themselves exist deficiencies, or after graduation will be too late to catch up with the regret. Make good use of the university time, you can make their own ability and quality of another important step. What do you think?

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