1.What is VPS and VPN?

Virtual Private Server. virtual private network virtual technology services. application software such as Microsoft's Virtual Server.VMware's ESX Server. or SWsoft's Virtuozzo. creating small servers. On a single physical Server.Singapore VPS with multiple mutually isolated aspects. These small servers (VPS) develop their own practical operational control systems and their operational management cannot be identical to that of a single server. Application of e-commerce activity platform: Since VPS and stand-alone servers operate in exactly the same way, small and medium-sized logistics service companies can reduce costs and establish and improve their e-commerce and online marketplace transaction and payment platforms through VPS.

VPN, the full name is Virtual Private Network (VPN).cloud hosting comparison A private network is set up on a public network for encrypted communication. Widely used in corporate networks.VPN gateways enable remote access through packet encryption and packet destination address translation.There are many ways to categorize VPNs, mainly by protocol.VPNs can be implemented through servers, hardware. Software and other implementation methods.VPNs are characterized by low cost and ease of use. Using a VPN:A static VPN and another dynamic VPN. the so-called dynamic and static generally refers to the server side of the public IP. the general meaning of IPSECVPN generally refers to the two ends of the static public IP. but there are many techniques to solve this problem. The common point is that both ends are ADSL lines or VPN tunnels can be built in other ways. The most mature technology is the directory service technology.

2. vpn and vp difference

VPS can be directly understood as a server. After the software is divided into servers, it becomes multiple servers, they have independent operation management system, independent IP, every time we have this problem small independent operating system, is a VPS. it can also be understood at the same time, the VPS is being configured lower point of the server. Using VPS:. From the main space, VPS hosting servers are shifted transition. Characterized by a cheaper product, but overall stability.VPS desktop technology operation, after logging in remotely, and your machine is the same layout, you can install your own design software on it, etc. Another aspect of the VPS common use is for data download service sites. Because of the Bixi virtual host, it is much faster than the usual space, and there is also the need for a large number of hard disks, suitable for download sites. Between them are generally by Thunderbolt, which will be chosen as a VPS host.

A VPN is a system software. It is the enterprise through their own account and password information to manage the login, when accessing the website, QQ or login and some social network technology software, the display and use of the IP is to learn foreign countries. In other words, VPN is a software that allows our machines to connect directly to foreign networks. A dynamic VPN changes its IP address every time you log in.

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Is IP available for VPS?

VPS hosting provides customers with a dedicated IP address, as contrast to shared hosting that divides IP addresses among hundreds of distinct websites.

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