Opqpq ODM501 24MP 1300X LCD Microscope Camera, PC/TV Compatible, 32GB-- 10" HDMI Digital Microscope with Polarizer, Coin Microscope Full View for Adults, Soldering Microscope for Electronics Repair

Price: $199.99

With its unique design polarizing filter, the Opqpq Coins HDMI microscope makes it easier to view reflective items such as SMD/PCB boards, coins, metal, diamonds, and so on.

It also allows you to freely remove unwanted reflection or glare from the object surface for a greater contrast.

Undoubtedly beneficial for expert PCB repair, currency hoarding, watchmaking pastime, and learning!

【See Finished Silver Coin】A larger working base and a 10" taller stand are used in the coin microscope for error coins with light.

The field of view is approximately 3.5 inches, and the maximum working distance is 9 inches.

Between the objective lense and the platten base, there is an amazing amount of object space.

It is simple to display an entire coin in the field with a higher and wider view.

Having more working space when soldering without having to move PCB boards around a lot is also helpful.

【Extended 10" IPS LCD Screen 】 In order to provide you with an amazing micro-world and fantastic viewing experience for identifying SMD components, PCB soldering, watch/clock repair, and coin observation, the coin microscope's full view adopts a high resolution (1024 x 600) IPS screen with 178° viewing angle.

【Large Real-Time Viewing on Computer/TV】 The ODM501 HDMI microscope is compatible with all HD monitors and computers thanks to its USB and mini HDMI ports.

By connecting your laptops, computers, TVs, HD monitors, or projectors to the plug and play feature, you can extend your vision on the screen of the digital microscope as well as on the TV or computer, enhancing your work and study experience.

With the camera app already installed on Windows 10 and Photo Booth for iMac and MacBook, no drivers are required.

【 Improved Dual Built-in Rechargeable Batteries】 Unlike other micro soldering microscope stations, which only require one battery, this one allows you to power the base light without any additional power and the microscope for an extended period of time using just the base battery.

Microscope capacity is 2000 mAh, base light cap

Small Magnifying Glass with LED Light, 3X Brightness, Hand-Held Illuminated Reading Glasses for Close Work, Book Reading, Pill Bottles, Mini Lens for Visually Impaired Individuals, Low Vision Assistance

Price: $12.49


Perfect birthday gift for parents, grandparents, those in their later years who have vision issues, and children who want to travel.

You are CONFIDENT that your gift will be useful.

Help them recover their vision and dignity so they won't have to seek for reading assistance any longer ✓ AMAZING Sufficient frustration and lack of light during reading.

When traveling, LED lights in the area save your nerves.

The automated on/off switch controls the light of the illuminated pocket magnifier glasses.

Few shadows are even cast by the light.

Light-weight and long-lasting LEDs are energy-efficient.

Comes with Batteries ✅ NOTHING NONSENSE!

With no storage issues in the shirt pockets, this ergonomic compact design Clutch Beauty Case like a pro.

easy to handle and operate.

Viewing area without distortion and a shatter-resistant lens.

raises life's quality ❤️ EYES: PRESERVE YOUR OWN AND YOUR PARENTS' Without getting headaches from eye strain, read for hours on end.

Perfect Clear Loupe for Viewing Books, Magazines, Maps, and Pictures.

Easy to use on Documents for Car, Restaurant, Grocery Store, and Plane.

Be there for professionals Senior citizens

30X Loupe Magnifier with 6 Lights, Folding Scale Sewing Magnifing Glass for Textile Optical Jewelry Tool Coins Money, Desktop Portable Metal Magnifier (Black)

Price: $18.88

【Solid Body Material】: Constructed from a solid zinc alloy and painted in black.

It's hard to break and fairly resilient.

This 30x magnification features three white light and three purple UV lights with a 0.98-inch diameter lens.

This tiny magnifier will come in handy at work.

Hand-free Table Magnifier: No adjustments are needed because the focal length is pre-set to provide optimal clarity.

Simply set the magnifying glass down anywhere on the table, then center the thing on the scale.

The item's details are then clearly visible, and you can move it to suit your needs.

You can measure the size of an item by using the scaled base.

【Wide Application】 - The lens features a 30 x magnification and a tiny 0.98 inch diameter.

It is an expert work magnifier that is excellent for printing, needlework, repairing watches, reading coins, jewelry, stamps, and more.

Turn on the three white lights for regular magnified observation by pressing down on the soft silicone button.

To turn on the three UV lights for a money detection magnifier, push down again.

To switch the light off, press a third time.

The magnifier measures 2.36 x 2.05 x 2.01 inches and weighs just 5.82 ounces thanks to its soft leather case.

In order to protect the lens, it also comes with a soft imitation leather case that is quite handy to have on hand and store anyplace.

Balacoo Double-Sided Folding Mirror: Two Pieces Gifts from Daughter to Travel Handheld Compact Round Makeup Mirror Folding Makeup Mirror Dermatoscope Pocket Miss

Price: $8.49
dermatoscopio comprar

Tiny makeup mirror: excellent This little double-sided mirror is built to last because it is composed of high-quality materials and meticulous attention to even the smallest detail!

Women's pocket mirror size: - you may carry it around by placing it in your handbag or wallet.

Makeup mirror that folds: not all mirrors for makeup application are created equal.

Our cosmetics mirror is expertly crafted with love.

A pocket mirror for girls can help you always check your cosmetics and maintain great makeup at all times.

This double-sided folding mirror doubles as a pocket makeup mirror and is lightweight, collapsible, and convenient to use.

Two pieces cosmetic storage box in FRCOLOR Wooden desktop mirror for decoration Mirror Tray: a portable makeup mirror for vanity Cosmetics tray mirror, metal dressing table, Dermatoscope office

Advanced storage rack-mounted metal mirror made of premium materials featuring a clear mirror.

The wooden desktop mirror is small and doesn't take up a lot of room.

Household makeup mirror: this space-saving beauty mirror is suitable for any desktop or table.

Table dressing mirror: the mirror is composed of durable material that will not break easily after repeated use.

Mirror for cosmetics at home: functional as a dressing mirror and still suitable for placing on a porch as a mirror face key dish.

2024 eco-friendly polarized light dermoscopy