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PDF is a relatively common electronic technical document format, with cross-platform, reliability, editable and security features. It has a wide range of applications in the exchange of documents, document archiving, e-books, forms and reports to analyze and can be printed and published in the field of development.convert scanned pdf to word online free Understanding the characteristics and applications of PDF helps us to be able to better utilize and manage electronic documents to improve efficiency and reliability of information transfer.

We all know that PDF documents are more secure than Word documents, will not be transmitted and change the format, so the PDF format in a number of formal occasions to get more and more widely used, we also want to add a layer of protection for some important PDF documents,scanned pdf to word converter online today we introduce the following several PDF file encryption methods.

First, commonly used encryption methods

1. Document encryption

Document encryption applies to the entire PDF file for encryption, we choose [File] - [Document Properties] - [Security], and then in the "security method" in the "security password", in the new window that pops up,investintech free online pdf to word converter select the "Encrypt all document content", and check the "need a password to open the document", enter the password, click OK.

2. Print encryption

By the same method, select [File] - [Document Properties] - [Security] - [Security Password], in the "Password Security Settings", the contents of the checkbox to modify the "restrictions on modifying and printing the document, the need for a password to modify the permissions settings", and then enter the password, click OK. Then enter the password, click OK, you can restrict the printing rights of other users.

3. Content encryption

We all know that the PDF file extension is ".pdf", we can modify the file extension, change the file extension of the way to the content encryption process.

After the suffix has been modified, the file will not be able to open correctly, or open the confusion, thus preventing others from viewing the contents of PDF documents.

Second, selective encryption

1. Add PDF files

Open the PDF Editor on your computer to show you the PDF Converter file data encryption operation and management methods, add the PDF files we need to encrypt.

2. Mark the encrypted part

Then click [Document] - [Encryption], we only want to encrypt part of the content, you can choose to [Mark Encryption Part], the need to encrypt the part of the encryption can be encrypted.

We have learned to encrypt files? There is a need for partners can try, there is a better way to welcome you to explore together.

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