What is the freight forwarder referred to by the freight forwarder?

Freight forwarders mainly provide customers with international and domestic logistics services, global freight forwarding including air import and export, sea import and export, overseas freight forwarding services, domestic trade waterway transportation, land transportation, domestic supply chain and other comprehensive freight forwarding services.

So what is a freight forwarder?

Freight forwarder, literally, is short for freight forwarder. global logistics services From the perspective of the work content, it is to accept the customer's commission to complete a link or related links of the transportation of goods, and the work involved in this aspect can be completed directly or indirectly by finding a freight forwarder to save money. There are overseas forwarders depending on the goods. Freight forwarder is a general term for all kinds of transportation services in the field of circulation that are specifically provided for cargo transportation needs and capacity providers. They serve the whole society and are the bridge and link between shippers and carriers.

Freight forwarders are middlemen, brokers and transportation organizers between shippers and carriers.

Including accepting the consignment of the owner, choosing the transport route, global logistics tracking mode and the appropriate carrier, providing the selected carrier with cargo collection, booking, stowage, preparation of relevant documents, customs declaration, inspection, insurance, packaging, warehousing, arrangement of cargo transportation and transfer, distribution, issuance of bills of lading, settlement of freight and miscellaneous charges, and even providing documents for negotiation and settlement.

The freight forwarding industry is essentially more like a business service management industry, serving customers in upstream and downstream industries through learning a professional team culture.

International freight forwarding: an industry that arises from the complexity of international freight chains.

Definition of international freight forwarder: Enterprises with international freight forwarding business as the main service are called international freight forwarders. FIATA defines it as: an international freight forwarder is a person who carries out the carriage according to the instructions of the customer and for the benefit of the customer, not the carrier itself. According to these conditions, international freight forwarding enterprises can also engage in activities related to transportation contracts, such as cargo warehousing (including warehousing), customs declaration, acceptance, collection, etc.

International freight forwarding services: foreign delivery, foreign customs declaration, booking, packaging, domestic customs clearance, domestic warehousing, domestic distribution.

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