quartz benchtops

1. Do not choose right-angle cabinets, choose diamond cabinets; Compared with the traditional right-angle cabinets, diamond cabinets have more storage space, desktop area is also larger, easy to place items and operations,carrara quartz benchtops convenience is much better than traditional cabinets.

2. Be sure to choose high-gloss cabinet doors; kitchen especially for Chinese kitchen, most of our countries local development of people themselves like to study food cooking by using this high temperature stir-frying,calacatta gold quartz supplier so that the problem with the soot is particularly heavy, if you can use an ordinary door, some even more so, using different modeling door, then you're waiting for every day to engage in sanitation, soot adsorbed in the surface of these active materials Is very difficult to effectively remove, unless the daily work schedule does not have a person to do cleaning, or else your kitchen do not want to achieve the degree of cleanliness you want to influence; so the cabinet door must be reasonable choice of high-gloss door.

3. Countertops are recommended to choose slate or quartz table, other countertops are not recommended to consider; first of all, these two materials in the hardness can meet the requirements of the quartz stone countertops have more than 7 kinds of hardness, planks of more than 6 kinds of hardness, in line with the majority of families on the countertops to cut the ribs of the needs of the Secondly, the two materials are durable, do not have to worry about scratches; Thirdly, the price of these two materials is moderate.

4. cabinet, or any cabinet, if there is a sink or dish basin, you have to install a basin under the table, not to mention the word suggestion. When we wash, pick, chop, and mince vegetables on the countertop, we will certainly leave a lot of residue and water stains that are not easy to clean. If you install a countertop basin, sweep these into the basin and turn on the garbage grinder. Once the water is flushed, the clean and tidy kitchen returns immediately.

5. Inside the floor cabinet must do one or two groups of baskets, storage volume directly doubled; and if you do partition, must work to do activities partition, reserved for the development of a need to place different sizes of items affecting the larger space, such as pressure cookers, oil drums, rice buckets and so on.

6. Do try not to choose aluminum handles when the cabinet, choose the side of the direct door plate to cut 45 degrees, do diagonal handles, easy to clean, affordable.

7. Cabinet board do not choose particle board, choose multi-layer board. Particle board in the waterproof performance can not be compared with the same grade of multi-layer board. Even if the performance is almost the same, the price of particle board is higher than the multilayer board.

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