Why is PDF popular?

How to combine the development and popularity of PDF files? Why use PDF files?

When Charles Gershke, the “Father of PDF”, died in April, the format of the 2021 sparked a fierce debate. circuit printing service Many people use pdfs every day, processing dozens or even hundreds of PDF files every day, but may not know what type of document PDF is or why PDF is so popular.

What is PDF?

PDF is the abbreviation of portable document format, PCB fabrication company which means "portable file format" It integrates pictures, texts, tables or other elements into one file, which is a document format that is easy to store and transmit.

The birth of PDF

To understand what PDF is, you need to understand the past and present of PDF. In 1991, Adobe launched a project called“Camelot” to provide a solution for people to store posters, flyers, and other documents, giving birth to the popular PDF file. china PCB Gershk, the father of PDF, was the main inventor of PDF.

Why is PDF popular?

The biggest feature of PDF is "portability". This kind of file is difficult to modify, so no matter what software or system reads it, the contents of the file can be kept unchanged. Therefore, this strict and difficult-to-tamper document model is very popular among researchers and office workers. It has been popular since 1990s, and people can use it to obtain information and share content easily and accurately.

It is precisely because of the limited development of the Chinese People's technical ability to edit PDF files that this has brought us some problems and troubles. For example, in study and work, many people need to convert PDF files into text files, or convert a text file to a PDF file. This growing economic demand for PDF editing has also led to the emergence of a range of analytical tools, such as PDF conversion, editing expertise, and so on, more like your own PDF converter can be used.

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