How to capture the new high point of digital economy development?

Why is communication the foundation of the digital economy?

After continuous iterations, the digital economy is now in an accelerated phase.

In this stage, the digital economy is based on "network information", "information technology" as the driving force, "data data" as the key, and "convergence innovation" as the grasp. Integration and innovation" as the grasp.

The first communication meeting of the three communication giants for investors has also released positive signals for the digital economy.

First of all, network information is the basic of digital economy.

According to "Metcalfe's Law", the value of the network is equal to the square of the number of its nodes.

As of May 2022, the total number of customers of China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom are 967 million, 795 million and 381 million respectively; 5G customers are 495 million for China Mobile, 180 million for China Unicom and 224 million for China Telecom.

The advantages of the three major operators' user nodes are obvious, while the drive of 5G "data productivity" is becoming more and more significant.

Over the past 5 years, 5G has been continuously invested over 477.2 billion, including 317.1 billion by China Mobile, 86.5 billion by China Telecom and 73.6 billion by China Unicom.

In the 5G business model, the three operators and different.

China Mobile's "premium, exclusive, enjoy" business model; China Unicom main push "virtual like a private network, mixed private network, separate private network"; China Telecom is "to the sincere, than the neighbor, such as wing ".

The giants use 5G network coverage, edge computing and slicing technologies to provide customers with different levels of services.

Secondly, data information and rate network are the core elements of digital economy.

Communication operators have the advantages of the whole whole network resources, customer service accumulation and territoriality, as well as rich application fields and a large amount of data, which are deep data ring rivers.

In terms of calculation rate, the three major operators have pioneered the construction of a pan-integrated calculation rate network, implemented the strategic layout of China's "East Data and West Calculation", and accelerated the upgrading combined wifi bluetooth moduleof data center layout.

Take China Mobile as an example, in 2022, China Mobile estimates that the spending on rate network will reach 46 billion, and the "4+3+X" data center layout will be upgraded to produce 407,000 externally available IDC racks, with a net increase of 47,000 racks.

China Unicom and China Telecom are also actively laying out the reckoning rate. Up to now, in the IDC infrastructure market, the three operators have more than 60% of the country's IDC server rooms.

Third, the integration of innovation into an important grip on the digital economy.

Digital economy development cannot be separated from the "cloud" and "network".

The future is to let the cloud and network to further chemical changes, to create a truly digital platform.

For example, China Mobile focuses on the "cloud" and "network" development direction of more cutting-edge rate network, walking "cloud to calculate into" to "by the cloud to calculate The evolution of the "cloud", while China Telecom's path is currently "cloud network collaboration, cloud network combination, cloud network integration" three steps.

In China Mobile's planning, the rate of calculation in the future will be the same as water and electricity, into "a little connection, that take both use" of the social level services.

Operators are driving the digital economy, while digital technology is becoming the second curve of revenue growth for operators.

China Mobile, for example, according to earnings data, in 2021, "mobile cloud" in the cloud market share growth rate of steady first, revenue reached 24.2 billion yuan, climbing 114% year-on-year.

This is just the tip of the telecom industry's digital economy, which has long since resolved its status as a "pipeline operator" and become a digital enterprise and a technology innovation company that provides digital services to the public.

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