ZincInto the late twilight years, the human body of all different organs and systems will slowly degenerate, the performance of the most obvious is the body's absorption and digestion of learning ability can be greatly reduced,ARA the young when the dietary behavior and habits of the problem has been developed can not be adapted to the body of the elderly, therefore, for the elderly need to eat some easy to absorb and digest the nutrients to the body to effectively supplement the situation.

So, the elderly should eat what nutrition?


Many older people have osteoporosis,DHA so older people need to eat more calcium-containing foods to reduce the probability of osteoporosis, leg pain and other diseases. Calcium not only has a profound effect on human bone health, but also plays a very important role in cardiovascular, endocrine and nervous systems. Generally speaking, the elderly have a high demand for calcium, so calcium supplementation for the elderly is necessary. Similarly, milk, eggs, beans and other foods in the calcium content is also very high, the diet can eat more.


Anemia is very common in our country, especially in the elderly,β-carotene anemia is more common, long-term anemia will lead to weakness, brain fatigue, the body's resistance will decline, and even cause memory loss and other problems. Therefore, the elderly need to replenish blood, and their diet should be rich in iron-rich foods, such as black fungus, black rice, black sesame and other black foods. It is worth mentioning that vitamin C can promote the body's absorption of iron, so you can also eat more fruits and vegetables, preferably foods rich in iron and vitamin C for better results.


Careful observation of the diet of the elderly, found that they do more and more salty dishes, much more salty than the dishes they did when they were young. This is because when they enter old age, their sense of taste deteriorates with age. The taste can be improved if the body is properly supplemented with zinc.

Zinc-rich foods mainly include economic shellfish, shrimp, crab, fish, and other meats, followed by sesame seeds and pine nuts are also a high zinc content, the elderly we can eat more. Of course, if it is a serious zinc deficiency in the elderly, the need for oral zinc medication under the guidance of Chinese doctors to develop more reasonable and appropriate.

4, vitamin D

Older people's need for calcium is well known. Vitamin D is one of the most important nutrients for calcium. It not only helps to absorb calcium, but also helps to prevent calcium deficiency. Studies have found that vitamin D can help prevent various cancers, the immune system, depression and many other diseases. Vitamin D can be found in sunlight and is made from your own skin; it can also be found in a variety of foods such as milk, egg yolks or mushrooms. It is important to note that due to the loss of skin function in the elderly, the amount of Vitamin D that can be taken in through sunlight is limited or may need to be ensured by taking dietary supplements.

I believe that now we all know what kind of food for the elderly to eat can play a very important role in health, and we have also mastered some of the means to supplement these nutrients through this article, so the elderly in their daily lives to pay more attention to, I believe that you can also have a healthier old age.

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