How should we respond to the stock market crash?

Coping with the stock market crash around the world, a lot of people are particularly confused and quite scared cbbc, whether this time is different or not? Here I'm going to psychologically massage a hand, how exactly should we face this stock market crash?

Do a good investment overall planning

Whether you are a short term speculator, or use value investors, I should do a good investment overall planning.

For short term speculation, you also need to be in what grade, what kind of position to take part in ssd vps, your stock stop loss plan program, this kind of you have to think clearly in advance, arrange, in your heart should have rehearsed many times, you are very familiar with. Never see the line money suddenly emerge what big ups and downs, all rely on feel to buy and sell to operate, feel is the most pitiful.

For the use of value investors, you should think clearly, you hold stocks if the wild fall should do? What are the reasons to be able to buy and how to buy the position? In which case should you give up owning the business? This is the kind of thing that you have to plan and rehearse in your mind so many times that you will be able to handle it when it comes.

Adherence to share logic thinking

Logical thinking about shares is a good logical thinking about investing, and we have to abide by it for the right things. But remember, there is no need to add to it. Think about how much you really know about the companies you buy, even if I don't know everything about the earnings data, so do you? Need to ask more rhetorical questions to more thinking.

Spare money investment

Investment, must use the surplus money. Before investing, you must prepare your own living expenses in advance, at least a year of living expenses. In the absence of any of this large sum of money before, more learning and less out.

Once you will short-term money to invest, let alone your investment subject is not a better subject, because it is short-term money, you are also very likely to have to use this large amount of money for various reasons, you are extremely limited to your investment overall planning, but also after all, it is a short-term have to use, most likely thus you can step into the "bet a" but the road.

The period mismatch is not the right way to go.

Only with long-term idle money, you will be able to implement your overall plan well, without the pressure.

Do a good psychological massage

It's understandable to be depressed when dealing with a crash, but history tells us that human development always moves forward, and human economic development has always moved forward through ups and downs. Although there are fluctuations, however, the trend is upward.

Strive to be open to the ups and downs without having to make him jeopardize your emotions and affect your life. Investing is all about improving your life, not raising your life to misery.

Love hardships

Love every dilemma, said dilemma, there is danger and then there is organic chemistry. In the history of several times a larger financial turmoil, but in the end is not the same to have a better tomorrow?

The Asian financial turmoil in 1997, the 2000 science network stock foam, 08 financial crisis. That time people are not saying that this time is different, this time to end? The result? Further economic development, further development of human development.

What needs to be done at this time is to use the good opportunity of the plunge, from in which to find the right business and buy it at an extremely cheap price.

There are not many opportunities in a person's life to experience this, so cherish it.

Expanding knowledge

The stock market is plummeting, and there are not many opportunities for manipulation, so why not study hard and read books well. More to expand their own thinking, expand their ability to circle, so that the English thing will look more long-term, more careful, we choose a better subject is also very beneficial.

Look at such giants as Warren Buffett, Li Ka-shing, Munger, read quite a lot of books daily, so successful people are reading, what qualifications do you have not to learn.

Stay happy

Investing will always be a haven for optimists and a purgatory for pessimists. If you stay negative, then you're just going to have to exit the market, so your fear is likely to be chopping off positions at the bottom.

Some people are also worried about fear of war, nuclear war. By today's world of civilized behavior, nuclear war is basically the death of mankind, it really will be, what are you still worried about? People are survival, think about the good things, don't make yourself depressed too.

Be a friend of time

After a better bid to buy better, you have to do nothing more, check if your bid is as good as before, can bring you cash flow, if there is nothing wrong, then do time friend, gradually waiting for the flower to bloom.

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