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If you're a busy person like most of us, taking care of your hair can be difficult and payment gateway for businesstime-consuming. In this article, you'll discover how to blow dry your hair with a vacuum cleaner--it's quicker than using a blow dryer and easier than using a towel!


Blow-drying your curling iron with a vacuum cleaner is a great way to extend its life and keep it in good shape. Sure, you could simply take it apart and clean it with a brush, but this can be time-consuming and annoying. Vacuum cleaning your curling iron will remove all the build-up and gunk that can cause it to stop working correctly, making your curls shiny and frizz-free.

To blow-dry your curling iron using a vacuum cleaner, follow these simple steps:

1. Open the vacuum cleaner’s hose attachment and place the curling iron on the best wet and dry vacuum cleanerend of the hose. Make sure the heating element is turned off.

2. Turn on the vacuum cleaner and set the power to high.

3. Hold the curling iron close to the end of the hose and turn it slowly so that air can flow through it. Be sure not to apply too much pressure when turning the curling iron; if you do, you’ll damage it.

4. Let the vacuum cleaner run until all the water has been removed from the tool and the curls are dry.

How To Blow Dry Your Curling Iron

Blow drying your curling iron with a vacuum cleaner is a great way to keep it clean and shiny! By using a vacuum cleaner, you can remove all the built-up hair and debris from the iron. You can also keep the iron working its best by removing any moisture or oils that may have built up over time.

How To Clean Your Vacuum Cleane

If you own a curling iron, it’s important to keep it clean. Curling irons can accumulate all sorts of debris over time, from hair to minerals from the hair products you use. Here’s how to clean your vacuum cleaner and blow-dry your curling iron with it:

1. Turn on your vacuum cleaner and set the power to medium or high.

2. Place the curling iron on the bottom surface of the vacuum cleaner. vacuum cleanerMake sure that the heat protector is off.

3. Close the dustbin lid and start vacuuming!

4. Keep vacuuming until all of the dust has been removed from the curling iron and the vacuum cleaner has been emptied.

5. Turn off your vacuum cleaner and remove the curling iron from the vacuum cleaner.

6. Hang the curling iron by its cord away from drafts and sources of heat (like fireplaces).

7. Blow-dry the curling iron using a hairdryer on low or medium heat for a few minutes until all of the water has been removed from it.

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