One set of initial wax seals, with each letter represented by a granule, a stamp, a warmer, a letter seal bead, a stamp kit, particles of wax, and seal wax for letters Antique Wooden Candle

Price: $15.69

The alphabet letter initial wax is a high-end, fashionable gift for your friends, boss, coworkers, etc.

that follows the traditional sealing wax procedure.

Wax seal candles can be used to personalize a variety of items, including invitations, envelopes, DIY crafts, scrapbooking, letters, diaries, and greeting cards.

This sealing wax stamp is composed of brass and wood, making it both useful and long-lasting.

The wax graffiti stamp in the stamp sealing wax package is excellent for customizing DIY crafts, cards, scrapbooking, letters, diaries, envelopes, invites, and more.

Sealing wax stamps, like the wedding wax stamp, are commonly used for scrapbooking, photo albums, writing letters, diaries, cards, and tags.

Three pieces of the alphabet wax seal letter kit, wax seal stamp kit, wax seal diary, wax seal sealing wax, initial e wax seal stamp, and custom copper wedding photo book

Price: $14.59

DIY craft wax sticks are great for DIY projects and for adorning envelopes, post cards, invites, thank-you notes, wine packaging, and gift wrapping.

Christmas cards are ideal for every celebration event, including weddings, birthday parties, and holidays.

Sealing wax stamps: a fantastic DIY wax seal stamp kit and sealing wax stick kit for crafting.

Wax seal stamp head: constructed from high-quality materials, long-lasting and secure.

lightweight and portable, making it simple to take and carry.

A compact and elegant sealant that is easy to store, easy to use, well-made, and long-lasting.

Five pieces of wax seals featuring initial letters sealed with a custom letter stamp, made of retro wood and ideal for diary seal stickers. Copper Wedding Candle Wax Seal Material

Price: $20.69

Traditional seal wax stamp: gold seal stickers: an excellent sealing wax stick kit for creating crafts and do-it-yourself seal wax stamps.

Sealing wax stick for letters: this sealant is excellent for sealing letters, cards, invites, envelopes, manuscripts, and more.

Made of high-quality materials, bespoke wax seal stamps are long-lasting and safe to use.

lightweight and portable, making it simple to take and carry.

Custom wax seal stamps are great for embellishing DIY crafts, wine bottles, thank-you notes, envelopes, mail, and invitations.

Sealing wax sticks are a practical and thoughtful way to add a personal touch to handcrafted cards and letters.

Your friends will be surprised.

Vintage 26 Piece First Alphabet Wax Seal Stamp with Brass Head and Wooden Handle, Letters A–Z

Price: $58.99

Included in the package are 26 pieces of initial letter wax stamps with designs ranging from A to Z.

Size: The stamp has a 2.5cm (0.99 inch) diameter.

The wax stamp is mostly used for sealing envelopes, invitations, Christmas cards, and love letters.

This set stamp is packaged beautifully and can be given as a gift.

Perfect for hobbies, crafts, weddings, galas, party invitations, and other special occasions.

Avert opening confidential documents and certain critical materials covertly.

Vintage Brass Head Wooden Handle Alphabet Sealing Wax Seal Stamp with Various Letters for Cards, Envelopes, and Gifts - (Stamp, Letter M)

Price: $6.49

Distinctive Design: To add a touch of elegance and retro style, our items have pear wood handles adorned with brass fire lacquer seals.

Each letter features a different pattern design.

3.54 inches (9 cm) in length and approximately 0.98 inches (2 cm) in diameter.

easy to use and has a comfortable grip.

Detachable handle: The brass head may be easily replaced or disassembled thanks to the screws that hold the wood handle and brass head together.

Many uses:The wax seal works well for hand accounts, DIY projects, gift wrapping, cards for Thanksgiving, envelopes, postcards, invitations, letters, and documents.

Ideal for any celebration event, including Valentine's Day, Christmas, weddings, birthday parties, and holidays.

Vintage Rose Series Letter Sealing Wax Stamp with Initial N for Wedding Invitations, Gifts, and Wine Package Decoration

Price: $7.58

【ORIGINAL ALPHABET SEALING STAMP ROSE】Stamp size for wax seal: 25 x 90 mm, or 0.98 x 3.54 in.

Variable pattern wax seal stamp heads that are easily replaceable and removable.

MATERIAL WITH HIGH QUALITYComposed of a hardwood handle and a brass stamp head, it is transparent, easy to use, and has a smooth, polished, non-stick surface.

【Simple to Utilize】After heating three to five pieces of sealing wax beads in a melting spoon, pour the melted wax into the area that has to be decorated or sealed, place the letter stamp on it, and the stamp is finished once the wax has completely cooled.

〘CROSS-APPLICATIONS】Fantastic for a wide range of everyday applications, including seals or embellishments for party invitations, wedding invitations, favors, birthday presents, Christmas presents, thank-you cards, envelopes, letters, scrapbooking, documents, and more.

【What's in the package】: 1 x Letter Wax Seal Stamp (sealing wax is not included).

Wax Seal Stamp Kit, Yoption Vintage Alphabet Sealing Stamp Set with Initial Letters (R)

Price: $13.98
making sealing wax

The dimensions of the gift box are 19*14*4.2cm / 7.5*5.5*1.65" (L*W*H); the wax sticks are 9 x 1 x 1 cm /3.54"*0.47"*0.47"; the sealing copper stamp has a diameter of 2.5 cm (approx.

1 inch); the sealing copper stamp's total length is 9.0 cm/3.54".

Stamp with wooden handle and detachable brass head that is simple to install and replace.

Simple to Utilize: After cutting off a portion of the sealing wax sticks and melting them in a spoon with a tea candle, pour the melted wax into the appropriate location and quickly imprint the final design on the wax.

Perfect for adorning invitations, packages, gifts, wine packaging, and envelopes.

Perfect for hobbies, crafts, weddings, galas, party invitations, and other special occasions.

Antique Box: Creative presents that you may give to friends, collect, or use for yourself.

Included in the package are: 1 wax stamp, 1 wax melting spoon, 2 white candles, 3 sealing wax sticks (dark red, silver, and gold), and 1 gift box.